Revitalize and Redefine: 2023/2024 Remodeling Trends That Will Transform Your Space!

Post-pandemic, trends are changing and it’s nice to see something other than all-white and gray in our homes.  Let’s check out the trends we helped create in 2023 and will likely continue to see in 2024.

Beverage Stations

We have recently designed beverage stations within kitchens and primary suites.  It’s convenient to have all the items needed for a specialty beverage in one place. Even if you don’t have a permanent location for a beverage station, it’s fun to put a temporary bar on a buffet, cart or table for a seasonal experience.

Here’s a casual beverage station between kitchen/dining/living rooms.

Sitting just under the stairs, this beverage station is stunning. Check out the wine storage, as well!

Bold Personalization

A vibrant shift toward bold colors, expressive wallpaper, and personalized details is emerging. Witnessing clients wholeheartedly embrace their distinctive preferences for creating imaginative and personalized spaces brings us immense joy.

Blue has made a return; we’ve used it in many rooms this year.

Bold wallpaper makes an impressive statement in a powder room!

Our client has introduced a pizza oven into their kitchen, transforming it into a focal point for social gatherings.

Sunroom & Porch Additions

Sunroom and porch additions have been on the rise, and we anticipate this trend to extend into 2024.

What beautiful spaces to enjoy nature!

Stained Finishes

Stained finishes are experiencing a resurgence, especially when paired with painted surfaces in the same room. Incorporating stained cabinetry adds a warm and inviting aesthetic to any space.

Unique Tile

While subway tile continues to have a presence in homes, there’s a wealth of other fantastic options to explore. We’ve come across some truly beautiful tile trends and are excited about the prospect of discovering new designs in the coming year.

Statement Lighting

Finally, let’s conclude with a touch of glamour. Statement lighting is like adding jewelry to a room, and we adore fixtures that make a room come alive!

Regardless of trends, our homes serve as the haven where we relax and cherish moments with family and friends. Truly, the most significant design is the one that welcomes you home.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in 2024!