Historic Wadsworth Estate Nears Completion

We’re nearing the end of the historic Wadsworth Estate renovation.  Here are some of the changes that have happened this summer.

The penny tile under the kitchen island bar was covered while the hardwood floor stain was being chosen.

The floor comes together.

Remember, we enclosed an exterior stained glass window within the home?

It swings open just above the back stairwell and kitchen.

A peek down into the kitchen….

In May the first coat of paint goes on the exterior shingles.

And into June, we saw even more painting.

The front porch transformed along the way.

Landscaping started in June and grew from there.

It’s been satisfying watching this historic home come back to life. Thanks for taking the tour with us. Be sure to check out Guthmann Construction Instagram and Wadsworth Estate Instagram to see even more photos of this project.