George Wadsworth House Renovations

Some months ago Guthmann Construction shared that renovations were starting on the historic George Pierce Wadsworth House in Wesley Heights. The project is coming along nicely and we thought we’d share some of the highlights that have happened so far.

The home had been used commercially for many years, but now that the property is being returned to a privately owned home, the accessibility ramp was no longer needed.

Instead, a beautiful covered patio has been added off of the kitchen.  Throughout the years this will be a great place for entertaining.

How about the second story addition? This small space has added to the functionality inside the home.  We’ll show you more of that space in the coming months.

You may have noticed a striking, stained-glass window “disappeared” when the 2nd story addition was built. Not to worry! It’s still an integral part of the home.

She just needed a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint to restore her beauty! Now she sits atop the stairs for both the front and back of the home.

Not much could be salvaged from the old kitchen, but those doors on the panty were put to good use elsewhere.

The door to between the kitchen and dining room didn’t quite work…

So the pantry doors were given a new home! Lots of privacy and and easy fix for the narrow doorway.

So much has happened on the project, but we have a ways to go. With warmer weather upon us, we’ll begin to see even more changes to this lovely home. Be sure to visit our blog again for another update coming soon.  Until then, Happy Spring!