A Prayer For Our Doctors – National Doctor’s Day

Lord, our Great Physician, we ask today that you give our doctors the ability to make sound decisions and to use their experience and education to bring about the best possible outcome and quickest possible recovery for each patient. Give them wisdom as they fight illness and disease each day. Please, give them the necessary skills to aid the healing process. Give them guidance and bless them in their abilities and skills so they know exactly what to do. Steady their hands, minds and hearts. Grant them a tender heart for all they encounter. Father, as they serve our community, please, take care of their families. Protect them and meet their needs.

Please, bless each person serving in the medical field today. Bless them and help them as they all work together for a common purpose, caring for those under their care.  At each hospital and doctor’s offices there are no unimportant people. Give each one the ability to do a job well done and to protect them from harm.  May they see You and your hands at work. Amen.

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